Creating an Ideal Environment for Learning


A well-planned child care environment helps promote a child’s inquisitiveness and approach to the learning process. From the atmosphere of the rooms to a low student-to-teacher ratio, DaySpring Academy is specifically designed to provide a warm, intimate and secure environment for children to learn, explore and grow at their own pace.


Classroom layout

Each one of our classrooms is designed to specifically support and encourage a child’s growth depending on his or her age group. The rooms address the age group’s wide range of developmental skills by providing age appropriate play equipment. The children are also provided with environments that encourage social interaction, individual exploration and opportunities to test their independence.


Clean spaces

We take cleanliness very seriously and take significant precautions to prevent the spread of germs.

  • All spaces that children come in contact with are regularly disinfected.
  • All of the children’s toys are disinfected on a regular basis.

Class Size

We value and uphold the sense of family among our students, parents and teachers that our small community provides.


We pledge never to exceed the following class size:-


2 - 3 year olds - 16 children per class

4 -5 year olds - 20 children per class


There are 4 teacher assistants who rotate between classes.






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