Our curriculum is vibrant and designed to teach academic content through play.  Teachers use a combination of resources to meet the students needs.  We use hands on activities to reinforce what is taught.  There is a strong emphasis on using classroom games as a method of teaching.  The curriculum has the following goals:


Social Development:

Preschool is a time of social exploration. Student are encourage to develop harmonious relationships. Structured playtime helps to promote co-operation with peers and adults.  Our goal is to help children develop a healthy self image & positive attitude.

Math & Number Skills:

Exposure to various math concepts such as; identifying shapes, understanding positional vocabulary, seriating objects, understanding patterns, learning to use the calendar, and problem solving and manipulating numbers will heighten numeracy skills and develop an understanding of basic math skills.


Language Development:

Language and communication skills are expanded through story telling, dramatic play, class discussion and poetry memorization.


Motor Skills:

P.E lessons help to develop large muscle control and coordination through activities such as throwing, jumping, running climbing and swimming. Various class activities such as completing puzzles, lacing cards etc. develop small muscle control needed for writing.


Social Studies and Science:

Social skills are formally taught during circle time. Students also learn to recognize the characteristics of home, school, community, city, island and country.


Emotional Skills:

Students  are taught emotional coping skills.  They will learn skills to handle disappointment and to control their emotions in situations over which they have no control.


Spiritual Development:

Bible lessons will teach students traditional Biblical Christian values. They will receive training in Christian character and morals.


Art Appreciation:

Students will begin to learn to express themselves creatively through arts & crafts, music, drama and movement.


Reading Skills:

Reading readiness activities and systematic phonics instruction will prepare the children for a lifetime of reading. Deliberate exposure to print or books will help foster a love for and an interest in reading.


** There is more comprehensive copy of the curriculum available for parents in the office. Please request a copy if you would like more information on what is taught at DaySpring Academy.**






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