Our Curriculum Overview


A Curriculum that Prepares Children for Lifelong Learning.


Our core principles begin with the simple truth that each child has a unique and individual nature, worthy of respect, nurture and celebration. We believe that children are natural learners who gain knowledge by doing and communicating — that is why we always plan active and engaging experiences for your child. It is our goal to facilitate experiences that promote children’s natural curiosity to actively learn, while creating an environment that allows children to grow and develop at their own pace.

Beyond the classroom, our  Child Education philosophy focuses on the idea that vigorous and intentional play experiences are healthy and essential for young children. Part of this philosophy also includes the belief that positive relationships with peers and caring adults promote social and emotional skills that lay the foundation for lifelong success.


Education Leadership

Each program at DaySpring Academy is created by our leadership team with years of experience in early childhood development.


Our curriculum provides a balanced, intergrated education for your child at every level of early development. At DaySpring Academy we go beyond basic academics by instilling positive traits that will lead to a lifetime of success through our STAR Student program.



We are a non-denominational school which celebrates Christian values. We hold the Bible as the most important and accurate guide to child care.  


We believe that all children have a right to safe, healthy, loving care and to opportunities for developmental activities according to their ages, special needs, talents and interests.


It is our belief that preschool ought to be a time of fun, warmth, security, exploration and discovery. 


DaySpring provides a solid foundation while encouraging the development of a healthy self esteem.

Our teachers encourage independence, model self-discipline as they praise, reassure and nurture their children. 






Post Image Our goal is to be a resource to you and your family, while creating a community where parents can share information and learn from each other every day.  JOIN US!