Enrichment Programs

A Curriculum Shaped by Research and Time


At Dayspring Academy, our philosophy builds upon the theories of many historically great educators. Our child care curriculum also takes into account the most up-to-date scientific findings about young children, as well as guidelines by leading international organizations such as the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and also The Ministry of Education.


An Educational Philosophy Backed by Scientific Findings

The child care philosophy is put into action through targeted learning objectives, hands-on activities and program components that support each child’s growth and learning. Our goal is to make sure we are preparing your child for success in preschool and beyond.


Our school offers a number of enrichment options. Some of the programs include:


•            Physical fitness (everything from dance to sports)

•            Basic Spanish (Numbers, Colors etc..)

•            Music appreciation and education (Imagine That Music Program)

•            Techknowledge for kids (computers)

•            Swimming Program for kids

•            Karate Program for kids ( Develops Self Discipline)

•            Dance Program for kids (Yodephy Instructors)

•            Art & Craft (Fine Motor Development)           

•            Science (Fun experiments and cool facts)

•            Etiquette for Kids (What do we say as we go throughout the day?)

•            Literacy (Building love for books)             






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