Professional Development (D.A.T.A)

Dayspring Academy teachers follow the highest standards in early childhood development. Your child is the recipient of a unique advantage our teachers possess: professional development through DATA (DaySpring Academy Teacher's Agreement).


D.A.T.A is developed specifically for DaySpring Academy teachers.

DATA's exclusive training series coaches Dayspring Academy teachers (and teacher assistants) in the areas of health and safety, curriculum, developmental guidelines and enrichment programs; all focused on providing excellent care to preschool children


Teachers contribute to ongoing quality standards. 

DATA encourages teachers to share ideas, express viewpoints and develop relationships with peers throughout the school. DaySpring Academy Teacher's Professional Workshops provide the opportunity for teachers to show their strenghts by teaching their colleagues innovative techniques to motivate, discipline and teach young children.


Teachers blend education with nurturing care. 

DATA trains teachers to develop creative learning environments for each of our early childhood development programs. They are careful to make each child feel loved and valued in the classroom and in each lesson.


Faculty is current with learning trends.

DATA regularly informs teachers about early childhood development trends and current research. In Addition to the training provided through D.A.T.A, teachers are encouraged to participate in workshops and seminars provided by the Ministry of Education and other private training institutions.



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