Quality Assurance

What is Quality Assurance?

Quality Assurance is a framework that enables childcare providers to work towards measurable standards of quality. It ensures that children are given the best possible start.

Quality Assurance standards set by DaySpring Academy enables the staff members to raise standards of education at our school. DaySpring staff members are able to demonstrate their commitment to excellence by going above and beyond the standards as set by:


  1. The Ministry of Education (The Bahamas)
  2. The National Association for the Education of Young children
  3. The Early childhood Environment Rating scales (ECERS)


How does it work?

Our director uses periodic review and evaluation of the teachers to be sure that standards are met.  Using a quantitative review, each teacher and program is scored on:


  1. Lesson effectiveness
  2. Treatment of children
  3. Use of age appropriated learning games
  4. Effective and fair discipline methods
  5. Classroom organization
  6. Health and safety routines in the classroom


Teachers must also meet certain health and training standards.  They must be issued with annual health certificates from the Ministry of Health, ensuring that they are in good health and suitable to be in the classroom.  The Ministry of Education requires that preschool teachers have an associates degree or an auxillary certificate. DaySpring Academy teacher all meet or exceed this standard.  Our teachers also enjoy building on their education by attending child care seminars when available.


How can this help YOU?

Parents can have the confidence that DaySpring Academy holds each classroom and teacher to the highest standards. In addition to meeting these standards of excellence we teach our students safety measures. Our staff also does their part in preventing sickness by exposing children to a clean environment and disinfecting on a daily basis.  Also children are only released to persons who are listed on the pickup permission list on the child’s enrollment forms. Parents must inform the school if persons who are not listed are required to collect a child.



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